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Day 9: Hazard, KY -> Berea, KY (95 mi)

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Me descending Appalachia (PC: phone + rock).

7:10 am - On Day 9 I set out for Berea, a quaint college town nestled on the other side of the Daniel Boone National Forest and what remained of Appalachia. With a full gas tank from an amazing dinner the night before, I decided to take a crack at knocking out the last of these damned hills in a single day. It was a long, tough day, but I managed, and rolled into Berea around 6pm feeling like a changed man.

Locally-sourced healthy lunch of the day in Booneville, KY.

As soon as I pulled up onto the main drag, I stopped for pizza and beer in what was the first place I’d seen in Kentucky that actually sold alcohol. I ordered a plate of garlic bread and two Miller Lite's. While I stuffed my face with buttery deliciousness browsed the Warmshowers app to see if I could find anyone to take me in on short notice. To my delight, Camille and her partner Tay said they’d be happy to let me crash on their couch, granted I was able to make it up the hill out of town to their place.

So many hills...

With every last ounce of juice in my legs, I made it, and they greeted me warmly with a whisky (bourbon, of course) and ginger on ice. Kentucky’s finest!

They crashed soon after I arrived, as they both had work early in the am, but not before they made sure I had everything I could possibly need. I hopped in for a quick and desperately needed shower, and fell asleep soon after finishing my delicious cocktail.

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